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Mobile Sales Training
Coach On The Go

Chad Swimme, the Ride-Along Guy, is available 24/7 to help you stay focused, get prepared for the appointment, and close the sale every time! Introducing Coach On The Go...

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On Site Training
The Ride-Along Guy

The Ride-Along Guy will ride with your sales team on every call! From setting the appointment to closing the sale — he'll be by your side through the entire sales process...

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Here's What People Are Saying about Chad...

"I began doing ride-alongs in the '90's and I can say without a doubt they provided the biggest return on investment a company or salesperson could make! With few exceptions, if I rode with a salesperson on two appointments we almost always sold at least one. When we had time in between appointments, we knocked on doors, which most had never done before.

You can go to seminars, listen to tapes, read books, all worthwhile investments of your time...BUT if you want a return tomorrow on your investment, you will likely get it on a "ride-along" with Chad."

Phil Rea

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